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AET have 3 x state of the art Panasonic TAWERS robotic welding systems to support and enhance its fabrication service. 

Robotic welding is an automated technique that increases the efficiency of the welding process and enables the business to rapidly manufacture high volumes of components whilst maintaining consistency and increasing overall quality.

AET’s robotic welders commonly use an arc welding technique, producing precise, narrow welds in a range of materials. Benefits delivered by the automated welding process are, high level of precision, fast production speed, cheaper cost per unit on large batches, less material wastage, Increased safety within the production cycle.

The machines are equipped with a rotational 360-degree linear track, twin axis fixture manipulation, twin station capability and allows us the flexibility to manufacture fabrications up to 2.9m long x 1.4 wide and 1 tonne in weight.

Automated robotic technology producing highly complex components to exacting standards.