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Laser cutting has always been at the heart of AET’s manufacturing services. As pioneers of the industry, the company continually challenges existing techniques, extending the boundaries of laser cutting technologies to the limit.

Laser cutting offers the ability to produce complex parts quickly in most sheet materials without expensive and time-consuming tooling. This makes it an ideal process for either prototype and/or production batches.

The latest laser technology allows the cutting of ferrous and non-ferrous materials to an accuracy of +/- 0.05mm and cutting techniques allow oxide-free edges to be produced on all materials.

AET’s state of the art laser cutting machinery utilises the latest fibre cutting technology.  All machines are equipped with Bytrans automation, capable of cutting sheet material up to 4×2 metres and 30mm thick. To complement its laser cutting provision AET also offers 5-axis and a flame/profile cutting service.

AET stocks an extensive range of both sheet and sectional materials enabling a rapid turnaround for most parts.

Rapid turnaround offering flexibility with no tooling costs.