Solar Installation at AET’s Holbrook Site

July 13, 2023

AET are pleased to confirm Sheffield based Navitas Solar has recently completed the installation of a 350kWp solar panel project across its Holbrook site. The project consisted of 150kWp of solar power being installed on the roof of Number 9 and 200kWp being installed on the roof of Number 15.

The installation is a significant milestone in the business’s history and further demonstrates AET’s green credentials and the importance it places on reducing its carbon footprint. The new solar install has the potential to generate 277,238 kWh of energy per annum which represents approximately 19% of our daytime power usage based on the last 12 months data.

The solar installation project will reduce emissions/carbon footprint of the site by 157,471.6 Kg of CO2 per year, which to put that in context equates to, driving 708,619 miles, creating, and setting 173,218 kg of cement and removing the total CO2 generated by 28 people in an average UK household.

The entire system is estimated to have a useful life of 20 years and is a long-term commitment by the company to a low carbon future.

Financial Controller David Stocks commented,

“The driving factor behind the project has been to secure a fixed cost source of electricity for the future following the volatility in energy markets. It also reduces the climate impact of the work the company undertakes which is becoming increasingly important to our customers. It will be amazing to think that we are now capable of producing our own power for our machinery”.