Out with the old and in with the new

July 15, 2015

It’s been a momentous few days for AET. Hot on the heels of the EN 15085 rail industry accreditation, the company is in the middle of one of the most demanding undertakings in the sub-contract engineering sector – a full laser replacement.


Work began at the start of last week to decommission the 3015 BySpeed. One of the first BySpeed lasers in the UK, it was installed in December 2004 and has clocked up a staggering 67,000 hours, with a ‘beam-on’ time of 27,000 hours, producing well over 5 million components in its 10 years of service. Its place in the AET laser fleet is being taken by a BySprint Fiber 4020 6KW machine fitted with the ByTrans automated material handling system.


Delivered on three 13m trailers from the Bystronic headquarters in Switzerland, the machine will be the tenth laser in AET’s 26 year history and the eighth from the Bystronic stable. Bystronic’s team of engineers began the installation on Monday with full operation expected in around two weeks.


With the final departure of the old machine, the delivery of the new laser, and record orders despatched to customers throughout the UK and Far East, Monday 13th July 2015 was a day to remember!