AET Improves Productivity with Bystronic’s New Xpert 40 Pressbrake

June 10, 2015

When it comes to protecting its expanding market position, AET have long realised that advanced and strategic manufacturing solutions are a must to help advance its business.

Operations Director Andy Richards quotes “The addition of this new machine is a perfect complement to our existing range of press brakes.  We saw the machine in action during a visit to the Bystronic factory in Switzerland earlier this year and we were suitably impressed with the machine’s rapid processing times for small parts as well as the added bonus of it being a compact and portable pressbrake”

The Bystronic Xpert 40/1030 is an ultra-fast compact machine that has been designed to increase process efficiency as well as offering increased energy savings.

“The addition of this machine as an overall bending solution is an important factor in assuring the consistent high quality, accuracy and efficient production of parts “said Andy.