AET investment plans continue

March 8, 2018

Whilst the Panasonic engineers continue the robotic weld system commissioning, Bystronic’s installation team began work on AET’s 11th laser – a BySprint 6kw 3015 Fiber Laser with ByTrans automated material handling system.

The build is scheduled to take around two weeks, a process captured by the company’s time lapse cameras.

Operations Director, Andrew Richards commented on the process: ‘ the removal of the old machine and the installation of the new has really been a testing time for the business.  Losing 25% of our laser cutting capacity for approximately 4 weeks puts additional and extended pressure on the output performance of the other machines and thus increases labour hours to facilitate this.  We did quite a lot of production planning prior to the install to limit the impact of bottlenecks and maintain customer demand but losing a machine over this period of time is challenging for the company.  I am pleased to say that the production team have accepted this challenge well and performed beyond expectations.’